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Recently we were able to film a video series documenting the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives process of designing, installing, and seeing the big results of adding outdoor lighting. In video one, Pat Otis meets with the homeowner of an elegant 100+ year old Augusta home. They discuss her objectives and walk her property. Then Pat summarizes the outdoor lighting objectives. Watch below.

We know that it’s difficult to envision how your house and your property will look with outdoor lighting. That’s why we set up a lighting demonstration at your home so you can see how our lighting design meets your objectives. Take a look at the demonstration reveal in the video below.

With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, you literally get world-class installation and fixtures. We have tremendous attention to detail, trained and experienced installers, and more than 20 years behind us. Take a look below at what goes into an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives installation.

Now it’s time to invite family and friends to share time in the entire backyard living space. We illuminated focal features including a stunning tree and a charming cottage. For safety, we illuminated the stairs and walkways. For the ultimate in outdoor living, we installed fiesta lighting over their new outdoor living space. Watch below and enjoy the subtle, romantic, and elegant effects of the different lighting techniques in the different areas.

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