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Lighting Augusta’s Beautiful Great Outdoors

When making plans to light your August outdoor living spaces, you may be thinking about adding functional lighting to illuminate your home, garden, pool, patio, deck and landscaping. With many fixtures available to accomplish all of these important lighting scenarios, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta can meet your outdoor lighting needs with beauty and function. Not only that, we have an additional trick up our sleeves with outdoor focal lighting.

Focal Lighting

Do you have a beautiful crepe myrtle that you take great care to keep perfectly trimmed? With proper lighting your crepe myrtle will come to life for your enjoyment after the sun sets. Maybe you have an enchanting gazebo that would make a lovely romantic setting for a night time conversation under the stars, or an arbor leading to the backyard. Both features can be cozier and more inviting with a bit of custom outdoor lighting.

With the addition of focal lighting, you can highlight all of the best features on your property. By adding Outdoor Lighting Perspectives’ copper and brass, spot and flood lights you can transform your unique features into intriguing focal points. By washing your interesting shaped trees, outdoor sculptures, fountains or pergolas with soft warm light an entirely new aesthetic is created.

Ambient Lighting

Ideal for hanging in trees, our spotlights can create a gorgeous down lighting that will create designer shadows on your yard through the foliage of the trees, mimicking the magic of the moonlight. Place the same light near a stone wall and shine it almost straight up for a detail enhancing effect. When we place our sconce lights on gazebos and arbors, uplighting and down lighting is achieved for enhancing the structure as well as lighting the area at its base for safer navigation.

If you can dream it, we can light it. And we can even dream up a few additional ideas. Let us show you how by calling today for a complimentary custom nighttime lighting demonstration. 706-722-5711

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