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Masters Tournament: Augusta Charm, Elegance & Class

When the weather is this cold, it can only mean one thing; spring is almost here. Enjoying a short winter season means preparing for spring while most of the country is enjoying skiing & sledding in the midst of the winter snow season. In Augusta, the Masters Tournament preparations are beginning soon.

It won’t be long before the world looks upon Augusta for the biggest golf tournament of the season. Known for our well-maintained lawns, landscapes & blooming azaleas, the people of Augusta take great pride in our understated elegance. Leading up to the tournament is my favorite time of year, as I drive through town and see the hardworking people of Augusta going that extra mile to amplify the sophistication and class our amazing city is known for.

When hosting global travelers at your home, assessing every detail of your home’s beauty, function and comfort is a process most Augustans start soon. While your home is masterful and stunning year round, getting the most out of it during tournament time means turning it up a notch.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta is here to ensure your home and landscape look and feel elegant and welcoming for your guests. Outdoor lighting is a great way to add that exclusive Augusta grace to your home and landscape while creating functional outdoor living spaces for nighttime delight. Your guests are here to enjoy themselves. Nothing does that more than having a magnificent outdoor living space to celebrate our gorgeous spring nights. If you’re in need of added function and charm to your home’s exterior, call today to make sure you get on the schedule well before the tournament.

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If your home already features a gorgeous outdoor lighting system, now is the time for annual maintenance. You don’t want to get within a week or two of the tournament and notice a bulb is out or a fixture is knocked over. Our team of experts will take the time and care to inspect your entire system, adjust any lights that may need fine-tuning and replace any bulbs that are burnt out. Guaranteeing your home will look its best for your Master’s Tournament guests.

Take away some of the stress of planning for the Master’s Tournament by calling today. Well before the busy season of tournament preparations begin. 706-722-5711

Lighting Augusta’s Beautiful Great Outdoors

When making plans to light your August outdoor living spaces, you may be thinking about adding functional lighting to illuminate your home, garden, pool, patio, deck and landscaping. With many fixtures available to accomplish all of these important lighting scenarios, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta can meet your outdoor lighting needs with beauty and function. Not only that, we have an additional trick up our sleeves with outdoor focal lighting.

Focal Lighting

Do you have a beautiful crepe myrtle that you take great care to keep perfectly trimmed? With proper lighting your crepe myrtle will come to life for your enjoyment after the sun sets. Maybe you have an enchanting gazebo that would make a lovely romantic setting for a night time conversation under the stars, or an arbor leading to the backyard. Both features can be cozier and more inviting with a bit of custom outdoor lighting.

With the addition of focal lighting, you can highlight all of the best features on your property. By adding Outdoor Lighting Perspectives’ copper and brass, spot and flood lights you can transform your unique features into intriguing focal points. By washing your interesting shaped trees, outdoor sculptures, fountains or pergolas with soft warm light an entirely new aesthetic is created.

Ambient Lighting

Ideal for hanging in trees, our spotlights can create a gorgeous down lighting that will create designer shadows on your yard through the foliage of the trees, mimicking the magic of the moonlight. Place the same light near a stone wall and shine it almost straight up for a detail enhancing effect. When we place our sconce lights on gazebos and arbors, uplighting and down lighting is achieved for enhancing the structure as well as lighting the area at its base for safer navigation.

If you can dream it, we can light it. And we can even dream up a few additional ideas. Let us show you how by calling today for a complimentary custom nighttime lighting demonstration. 706-722-5711

Pool Lighting for a More Inviting Augusta Swimming Pool

A refreshing soak in the pool is a perfect way to beat the summer heat in Augusta. In the middle of summer, the heat stays with us well after the sun sets, sometimes never letting up. Taking a refreshing dip in the pool at night would be a fantastic way to cool off before the day ends. With proper pool lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives you can enhance your pool and pool deck for maximum enjoyment all evening.

Lighting a pool or water feature in Augusta takes some real consideration. The space has to remain flexible for all of your families’ needs. Whether your pool will serve as an entertainment area for friends or a tranquil oasis for just a few, the lighting should be designed to meet all your needs.

LED Outdoor Lighting

LED and low-voltage lighting fixtures are an essential element for lighting in and around a pool. With several big pool projects we partnered with Pete Alewine Pool Co., Inc. to create safety and ambiance in a new Augusta area pool. Pete Alewine Pool, Co., Inc. designs and builds custom pools that include designer features such as waterfalls and natural rock pool surrounds. With proper pool lighting these custom designer features can be even more beautiful under the night sky.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives lighting experts can create elegant designs in and around your pool area, highlighting focal plants and architectural features near your pool and pool patio. Creating a magical outdoor escape for you and your family is a great pleasure we take a lot of pride in.

With our high quality LED pool lights, you’ll get visually appealing fixtures at a competitive price. Our LED lights are forged out of high quality brass and copper for a long life and backed by great guarantees. Give us a call today 706-722-5711 to schedule your free night time demonstration to find out what pool lighting can do for your outdoor entertainment space.

Augusta Tree Lighting for Magic and Elegance

Nothing beats the magic of a long southern tree lined driveway. Creating a magical effect that brings us back to the days of horse drawn carriages and long hot afternoons sipping sweet tea on the front porch. Extend the magic of your southern trees into the night, with tree lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta. Whether you’ve got the long tree lined driveway or a few Crepe Myrtles and a Japanese Maple tucked into your landscaping, we have just the right outdoor lighting technique to bring your tree to life when the sun goes down.

The Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Difference

Shining a light on a tree trunk is not the same as applying professional tree lighting to your Southern Oaks and Crepe Myrtles. An experienced lighting designer can light the whole tree, just right, accentuating every unique feature of that tree, from the bark on the trunk to the widest and highest branch. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives lighting experts take the time and attention to find the best most original features in your trees, designing each tree’s lighting to enhance their specific details.

Types of Tree Lighting

There are basically two types of tree lighting. Many times you will hear the words “uplighting” and “down lighting”. These terms are specific types of lighting techniques that are used in a broad array of outdoor lighting applications. When it comes to tree lighting we call them “canopy lighting” and “moon lighting”.

Canopy lighting is a special technique where we shine a light up into the tree from the ground below. Depending on the tree we may use a wide wash to reach the outter edges of an especially wide canopy, or we may send a narrower beam to highlight the height of a particularly tall and textured trunk. Sometimes we use one uplight to achieve canopy lighting, but if the tree is large enough we could use several outdoor lighting fixtures to achieve the desired effect.

Moon lighting is named after the desired outcome of the technique. When done properly, moonlighting results in a gentle cast of silvery light that shines down through the tree’s branches, mimicking the natural moonlight. To achieve moonlighting we climb up in the tree and hang lights that shine down from carefully selected branch(es). Moon lighting is a great way to illuminate sitting areas, landscape accents and pathways with a subtle soft glow. An added benefit of moon lighting is the magic that is created by the tree’s unique shadows that dance along the ground.

Elegance with Augusta Tree Lighting

With tree lighting the object is to highlight the outdoor living space around the tree or accent the tree itself without anyone ever even noticing the lighting fixture itself. There is no silver bullet when it comes to tree lighting, every tree is unique and every tree lighting application requires a custom designed carefully planned outdoor lighting installation. A magnolia tree for instance, requires a narrow focused light to penetrate through the dense leaves, while a willow tree can be properly lit with a wide angle wash of light. The twisted Spanish moss covered limbs of a Pin Oak could benefit from both canopy lighting and moon lighting. Smaller more decorative trees such as Crepe Myrtles and Japanese Maples are an outdoor lighting favorite for their unique wide spread canopy and gorgeous coloring; benefiting greatly from a wide wash of uplight cast into the canopy from the ground.

Every tree has its own exceptional feature that we cannot wait to highlight for you. With more than 15 years of working in the CSRA, we are your best choice for landscape lighting and tree lighting in the area. Call today for a complimentary custom nighttime lighting demonstration. 706-722-5711

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