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How Does Your Garden Glow?

Let’s be honest – you spend a lot of time and money making your lawn and garden great. So, why should you spend any more than have to? But, here’s another question – why should you just get to enjoy your investment during the daylight hours? Most of us spend most of our time at home during the evening hours, and we think you should be able to enjoy your yard investment whenever you want. Our lights will help you do this.

How do our lights help your garden to glow?

Our lights…

Bring out the hidden beauty of your yard at night. Most people aren’t aware that the evening hours offer a fresh and unique perspective of your garden. Yet, as this Gazebo picture shows, there are areas of hidden beauty in every garden at night just waiting to be uncovered. Summer nights offer the ideal opportunity to see your garden in a whole new light. We have over 20 years’ experience learning the craft of landscape lighting, and we pride ourselves on knowing both ‘the art & the science of outdoor lighting’. This means that when we install a light, you know it will stand the test of time. It also means that we are able to put lights in places that our competitors wouldn’t think was possible. We know you work hard on your garden and we think it would be a shame to only enjoy it during daylight hours. Let us work hard to help you bring out the hidden beauty of your garden and see your yard in a whole new light this summer.

Make outdoor entertaining a breeze. Whether it be a cocktail party or a family picnic, our lights always help keep the party going. Quality outdoor lighting means that your guests don’t have to leave when evening comes; and, unlike other lesser lighting fixtures, we guarantee that our lights will always be beautiful, dependable, and versatile. This means you can rest assured that no matter the season or celebration, our lights will be there to help you make the most of any event you will ever host.

Although we are best known for installing permanent lighting systems, we also offer temporary lighting systems for special events. Our event lighting includes parties, weddings, fundraisers, and any other special event where good lighting is a must. If you would like to know more about some of the local special events we light (Sacred heart Garden Tour, Swamp Soiree, Blue Jean Ball, weddings, etc), give us a call, we would be happy to tell you how our lights help make these events a great success.

Highlight your favorite features of your yard. Nighttime is the ideal time to accent what you desire to be the focal point of your yard. Think about it this way – the evening offers you a black canvas to draw attention to your favorite parts of your lawn and garden. We consider ourselves to be artisans of outdoor lighting, and we draw inspiration from a variety of other artists, like Rembrandt Van Rijn. Long before Thomas Kinkaid, Rembrandt (1606-1669) was known as “the painter of light”. This is because he started with a black canvas and added in light layer by layer, emphasizing the features he most wanted to highlight in his paintings. Whether it is the “The Prodigal Son” or one of his many self-portraits, his paintings remain some of the most beautiful in the art world. Rembrandt inspires us because we also start with the dark canvas of night. We bring light into places where it does not exist, accenting the parts of your yard that you most want to highlight. While we do not claim to be the Rembrandt of outdoor lighting, we do think that the effect our lights bring to your yard is priceless. Tell us what you want to highlight, and we guarantee you’ll agree.

Bring greater safety and security to your yard. If you think about it, safety and security are priceless feelings. So how do our lights promote safety and security in your home and garden? Our lights increase your yard’s safety with beautiful path lights, helping people know where to walk in your yard, hidden moon-lights illuminating the ground with a soft glow from above, and pool lights increasing visibility in your pools and water features. As for security, you and your family will breathe easier as our lights push back the darkness and illumine the dark spots of your yard. Not only does a well-lit yard deter potential criminals from targeting your house, it also gives greater confidence and relaxation to your family as they are home at night alone. Hear a strange noise in your yard? You can turn on your lights from anywhere in your house with our digital LCA timers. While the feeling of safety and security is priceless, our lights can help you get a lot closer than you were before.

Enhance Your Home’s Beauty Every Season – It seems like the spring leaves have only just arrived, but we know you want to savor every moment of this lush green haven. As beautiful as your trees, flowers, and gardens look during the day, they are even more beautiful at night with our lights. While do-it-yourself lighting kits and fly-by-night lighting guys are less expensive, they also lack the design expertise and warranty you get with our company. Whether it be the blazing colors of fall, or the beautiful blooms of spring, our experienced lighting professionals know how to design and install a lighting system that ensures your home will look beautiful each and every season. Our incredible warranty also guarantees that your home will keep looking great, night after night, season after season, year after year.

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